Day 7 Week 10 – Week In Review – Half Way!

Wineglass Marathon is on 4 October 2015 and my marathon for the 2015.

Since I started my training on 18 May, 10 weeks ago, day after day, time marches on. And today marks the halfway point in my 20 weeks training schedule.  This week’s total is 35 miles.

It is easy to say, time flies. . .  But that is not true.

10 weeks of training is 360 miles and 600 hours.  And that does not include time for exercises which are not running.  In fact, I am trying to be more engaged with my training this year.  I review my training schedule, research related running topics in depth, and incorporate applicable lessons into my running.

Compared to 10 weeks ago, I am fitter, leaner, and smarter regrding running.  Definitely a better runner than I was before.  And my progress is on track. But I am not ready for the Wineglass Marathon.  Not yet.

10 more weeks.

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