Day 4 Week 11 – Pain In the Gas

I seldom get gas pain.  Never while running, until today.

During today’s 4 miles easy run, everything was fine.  My pace was good.  Not over exerting myself.  Cruising along enjoying my morning run.

Without much warning, the gas pain hit me on the last mile.  It came suddenly, caught me by surprise, and almost stopped me from running.  Luckily I was close to finish.  So all ended well.

Searched the internet and found that sugar in foods is the culprit.

When the body can’t break down the sugar to convert it into fuel energy,  the food sit in intestine getting fermented by the bacteria.  Woola, gas happens.

And with so many foods containing added sugar nowaday, it is a common symptom. And running, I suppose, exacerbates the problem.  You think?

In any case, glad this happened during my training run.  Hate to have to deal with it during marathon.  Imaging that!

I will pay more attention to what I eat, try to pinpoint perhaps the specific offender.  So I can be gas free again.

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One Response to Day 4 Week 11 – Pain In the Gas

  1. Just think, you are rocket-propelled now. Maybe it will help your time 🙂


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