Day 6 Week 11 – Longest Run Of The Season

On my marathon training schedule, today is a repeat of last Saturday’s 15 mile long run – all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45).

My beloved SRC however has their long run of 18 miles today.  So I opt to run beyond the 15 miles in support of the camaraderie with the group and finish with a 17 mile run in 2 hour 45 min.

In any events, this is my longest run for the training season, before the Wineglass marathon.  I will not be going up to the 21 mile long runs as the SRC schedule prescribes.  I know this is a break from SRC tradition.

Instead, I am following a modified schedule from that leverages the accumulative fatigue factor of back-to-back runs of up to 16 miles. It is part of  the experiments I do every year to fine-tune my running.

The low humidity makes today’s run more pleasant than last week’s in spite of the two additional miles.  One bottle of water is all I needed. It seems to me that towards the end of the run, the mental stamina is more challenging than the physical.

What is your longest training run?

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