Day 1 Week 12 – Hill To Tempo

The purpose of hill combo workout is to train the legs, body, and mind to be able to run fast when tired.  Sounds hard?  Yes, it is hard.

The workout entails: 2 mile warm up, 4 x 90 sec hill repeats at 7:00 pace effort w/jog down rest, 3 min rest, 3 miles at 8:00 to 8:10 pace, 2 mile cool down

The 4 hill repeats have me huffing and puffing going up the hill.  90 seconds is a lot longer than it seems.  Then after a brief rest (3 min), are the 3 mile tempo. The downhill jog is about 2:30.  So the break is just a bit longer.

My times for the 3 mile tempo are 8:20, 7:43, 7:37.  Needless to say, I push myself to run faster after the first mile.  Keeping my mental focus, I apply the triple strategy of staring 3 feet ahead, counting my strides, and focusing on my breathing.

I am very grateful for the 2 miles cool down.  It allows me to savor every bit of morning coolness and breeze as rewards to myself for a good workout.

What is your toughest workout?

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