Day 2 Week 12 – Marathoners Are A Tough Bunch

Today’s post is brought to you by yesterday’s Hill to Tempo Combo workout, “train the legs, body, and mind to be able to run fast when tired;” and today’s 5 miles easy.

Marathoners are regular people who race 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers.  Outwardly they look every bit of average person as average person can be:  no bulging muscles, wide neck, or barrel back.  But don’t let their look fool you.  Marathoners are a tough bunch.

Marathoners don’t have tattooed arms, dirt-kicking boots, or chewing tobaccos, although some do.  Their mental strength is by far beyond average.

Just the thought of 26.2 miles is enough to scare anybody away.  Completing the race and the training required is not for the faint of heart.

Typical marathon training schedules ranges 16-20 weeks.  That is longer than most new year resolutions will ever last or taking a course at the community college.  Physical stamina aside, the mental fortitude alone deserves a A+.

Sure there are days when the desire to pounce the asphalt is not there, sun is brutal, and the humidity .  .  .  Marathoners forge on.  Because they know everyday of training builds that mental toughness for the race day (the alternative is to die on the course).

So next time, when someone tells you that he or she is a marathoner, watch out!  You are dealing with a tough bunch.

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