Day 4 Week 15 – 4 miles easy, no strides – Emotional Freedom

We human beings have this natural instinct called emotion that reacts to stimuli. Whether it’s the weather or our mood, we are programmed to be influenced. This is particularly devious when it comes to our mind.

Eckhart Tolle, noted author and spiritual speaker, has an interesting way explaining how the mind controls our emotion:

Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet.  It is the body’s reaction to your mind – or you might say a reflection of your mind in the body.

So whether you realize it or not,  if you are angry, sad, or elated, your mind has something to do with it.

Not suggesting we need to control our mind, but it is possible to observe our mind in action without reacting either positively or negatively. I say “possible” only because it is not our instinct to just observe without reacting. We are usually slaved to our emotions.

Bringing awareness to our emotion is instructive in freeing our reactions from being involuntary to voluntary.  Or phrase it differently, we can be responsible for our responses and not merely be in an autopilot mode.

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