Day 5 Week 13 – Steady, Steady, Steady

According to RunnersConnect,  steady runs is used “to add a slight amount of fatigue to the legs before a longer tempo run, which better simulates and practices the tired feeling at the end of a marathon.”

So the purpose of my steady run today is in combination with tomorrow’s 16 miles long run.  However, I also want to use today’s steady run as a practice for my pacing.

Here is my schedule for today:  1 mile easy, 3 miles steady pace (8:10 to 8:40), 1 mile easy. And my times for the three miles steady are 7:42, 8:06, 8:35.  Not very steady, is it?

My first mile, I make the rookie mistake of running fast.  And the same for the last mile but too slow.  The variation of approximately 30 seconds between the miles is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

However not all is lost. Since the steady run paces are comfortably hard, I experience the stride and breath combinations for the three different paces; slightly pushing myself (7:42), nice steady pace (8:06), and slightly fatigued (8:35).

The nice steady pace would be good for my marathon race.  And that is the pace I need to get familiar and comfortable with.

What about you?  How steady is your training, performance, or life?

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