Day 7 Week 14 – Week In Review

This week has been a high mileage week for me (46 miles).  In fact, it is the most distance per week I will run over the entire 20 weeks of the marathon training.  And I must say that the accumulative fatigue effect makes me feel tired, everyday.

That is good.  Because in theory my body recovers the next day and hits the road again but stronger.  Isn’t that what all training is about?

What makes this round different from the past is I am better engaged than ever with the marathon training.  Since I am retired and don’t have to worry about work, boss, commute and other burdens, I am able to absorb the effects of the marathon training well.

With six weeks to go before the Wineglass marathon, I will continue on quality of the run, mental preparation, and rest/recovery as the key ingredients to my preparation.


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