Day 5 Week 15 – Rest Day for Upcoming Tune-up Race

In two days, I will be running the Annapolis Ten miler.  This is the 40th annual race sponsored by the Annapolis Striders and my tune-up race for the Wineglass marathon.

Annapolis Ten miler, or A-10, is not an easy race.  But I have run it almost every year for the past 15 years.  The hallmark of this race are its 3H’s: heat, humidity, and hills.  In other words, a hard race.  In conjunction with its timing, the A-10 is the perfect tune-up race for me to gauge my fitness level.

My goal this year is to start and maintain an 8 minute per mile pace for the first five miles. Sub-8 minutes for mile 6-8.  Then finish strong (7:45 – 7:30) for the last two miles. So my prediction is to finish the race in the low 70 ‘s minutes.

Do you use any tune-up races for your training?

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