Day 1 Week 16 – Recovering From Annapolis 10 Mile Run

With the clock ticking, the Wineglass Marathon is just a little over a month away.   I am spending today recovering from the A-10.  My body is more exhausted than I first realized.  After all the A-10 is not an easy course.

With the A-10 behind me, I am now having my attention on the Wineglass Marathon. Below email from Coach Jamie Dodge of offers great tips on what is ahead and how to prepare.


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Hi terry

Five weeks out and we need to continue to focus on the small things.

You’re most likely feeling and dramatizing every little ache or pain thinking your attempt at a PR has come crashing down.  Remember, you’re running a lot of volume now and it’s hard on the body.  Things are going to hurt.

Stay diligent with your recovery routine with your physical routine and your nutrition intake.  At the five week mark I really begin to focus on my sleep at night.  If I am unable to get in 7-8 hours I try to find time for a nap before 3pm. If you find yourself getting less than 7 hours sleep.  Try getting in bed 10 minutes earlier each night for a week.

Also, you are most likely beginning to get nervous for the race.  Double check your travel arrangements and hotel reservations.  What are you doing for dinner the night before? Plan out, now, as much as you can to keep you from getting stressed out the last few days before the race.

You want the last week to be as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Consider your next big workout and final couple of long runs to be a dress rehearsal. Eat the same thing the night before and the morning of your long run. Rehearse your pre-marathon routine and practice you’re fueling. This will help take the nervousness out of the next few weeks.

For some good reading this week, check out these articles:

Running and sleep issues

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Pre-race jitters

Dealing with jet lag

Have a great week of training!

Coach Jamie

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