Day 2 Week 16 – Creating Space For Recovery

In yoga practice, there is a saying about creating space for xyz.  That xyz can be anything that you want to be aware of.  It can be the pain in the body from holding the posture or the nagging problem that is on your mind.

I like the analogy of “creating space.”  It is an useful phrase for me to visualize how our attention can be applied.  By creating the space, we allow the situation to be objective, without emotions, and making room for reflection.  It is active versus passive.

All too often there is a tendency to rush in the sake of efficiency, productivity, or result. When rushing, we tend to miss the details, the finer things, and the small stuffs.  Mistakes that separate the professional from the amateur, the master from the disciples.

Take the case of recovery. In the past,  I interpret recovery as just rest or sleep,  inactivity in general.  In actuality nothing can be further from the truth.  As pointed out in the email from coach Jamie, there are many things we can do physically, mentally, and psychologically.

As a result, I am making rooms for recovery.  Take nap when I am not getting enough sleep, make sure my nutrition intake are sufficient to rebuild my muscles, arrange trip details for the Wineglass marathon trip, etc.  In essence putting as much as attention into the recovery as my physical execution.

What is your recovery strategy?

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