Day 4 Week 16 – Work That Matters

Seth Gordin points out in his blog, if you’re doing something important, you’re working to make change happen.  Or in other words, be value added, make a difference, etc.  This is my go-to principle, make self matter.

I use this principle in deciding how I want to spend my time, invest my energy, and engage others.  If it does not matter, I don’t waste my time.  Most people, I believe, want work that matters.

Assuming that we are working to bring about changes, Godin highlights the two “tempting” dead ends when it comes to change:

a. Try to change people who are easy to change, because they show up for clickbait, easy come ons, get rich quick schemes, fringe candidates… the problem is that they’re not worth changing.

b. Try to change people who aren’t going to change, no matter what. The problem is that while they represent a big chunk of humanity, they’re merely going to waste your time.

How wise it is to recognize these dead ends.  These are the outliers on a bell curve, people on either extremes, dead set in their ways.   Meaningful changes come about from the middle 66%, the norm.  That is where our effort should focus.

One other point –  I suggest looking inward to ourselves before embarking on trying to change others.  Changes start with us.  As Mahatma Gandhi beautifully said it, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

That’s why I ran 10 miles easy this morning.

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