Day 5 Week 16 – A Way Of Life

Retirement, freedom or boredom? Your choice.

Ever since I retired in January, folks have been interested in how I have lived.  Their curiosity is quite understandable.  After all, more than 35% of our waking moments are spent on working (assuming 8 hours of sleep per day) and even more if we include commute and other miscellaneous chores.

For me, retirement has given me the freedom to do what I want to do.  And I spend my time on my priorities, not someone elses’.   For instance, my priorities thus far include a cruise to the Bahamas, an overseas trip to Asia,  a wedding in LA.  And more are planned for the remainder of the year.

In addition to travel, I invest my time to pursue my other interests.  Whether it’s volunteering with nonprofit organization, training for marathon, or taking yoga class, my time are totally within my control and being spent on activities aligned with my values.

Certainly, I am still in transition into this new chapter of my life.  What I will morph into is a work in progress.  But for now, there are enough nuances in this journey keeping me engaged, active, and fulfilled.  Boredom is something I choose not to have.

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