Day 6 Week 16 – The Last Hurrah

I feel lucky.  The weather for today’s 12 mile long run – all easy pace (9:00 to 9:45) is gorgeous.  Cloudy in the morning and low humidity.  No rain in the forecast for several days.

Coincidentally, it is also an holiday weekend (Labor Day) in U.S.  Traditionally, many folks take this long weekend to head to the beach for one last hurrah before saying goodbye to the Summer break.

Instead of the beach, I will hit the driveway, my driveway for some long awaited home improvement project.  My driveway needs a makeover desperately.  It may be mistaken by NASA or Google Map for lunar landing. So this is the weekend to seal coat my driveway.

If you think beach is more fun over the driveway, yes, I can understand and respect that. But this is Washington D.C. The long line of cars exodus east for the beach and the even worse return on Monday make the beach trip less enticing and certainly not my choice for the Labor Day weekend.

So beachgoers have fun while I sip my pina colada on my finished driveway.

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