Day 4 Week 17 – Steady Pace Run

Today’s steady pace run is a precursor to the long run tomorrow.  This training method from leverages the concept of accumulative fatique factor.

The steady pace runs are not hard efforts.  My schedule for today is “1 mile easy, 5 miles steady pace (8:10 to 8:40), 1 mile easy.”  And the steady pace runs are not supposed to make you too tired to run hard the next day.

RunnnersConnect often put steady runs before long runs to help simulate running a longer distance without actually having to run the full distance.

My times for the 5 miles are 7:30, 7:15, 8:01, 7:56, 8:06.  Not very steady.  At least not the first two miles.

Here is what happened:  I ran too fast the first mile, tried to slow down but somehow ended up faster on the second mile, go figures.  I was finally able to steady out the last three miles.  Meanwhile, I was wondering if the lactic acid from the first two miles would have flooded my system.

Tomorrow ‘s schedule is a 16 mile run with a fast finish.  Curious to see how I feel then.

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