Day 7 Week 17 – Week in Review

This week marks the last of the regular marathon training.  Tapering begins next week.

I ran a  total of 41 miles, 4 miles less than scheduled due to travel.  Overall the tempo intervals, steady pace run, and fast finish provided a nice variety of workouts to condition my body for the marathon.

Who knows a marathon training program would consist of more than just get out and run.  I appreciate the variety of training both physically and mentally the provided me. For instance, how to tie your shoe lace.  Little things but important in making running the marathon smoother.

Tapering does not mean stop running and start eating.  At least that is how I used to feel.  I look forward to the next a couple of weeks as the critical phase of preparation that culminates the 20 weeks of training just prior to the race.  It is something I did not do well last year.

Lastly, enjoy the season changing time of the year.  In this part of the hemisphere leaves are not only turning colors but also fallen.  A signal of coming of the autumn is not far from the corner.

Have a wonderful week.

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