Day 2 Week 18 – My Life’s Purpose?

The older I get the more clear I become in what my purposes in life are.

Growing up I always loathed the question of “what do you want to be?”  Because I wouldn’t have an answer.  It was such an unsettling feeling.

Despite of going to schools, getting an MBA, and a job, I still don’t have a definitive answer about what I want to be.  In someway, I have been lucky. Lots of choices and little pressure (thanks to my parents).  I just became what was available at the time.

Then I decided to get married and have a family.  Working to support my family became my top priority.  Day in and day out, it has been so for twenty-five years.  My hair has grayed, perspective fine-tuned, and heart softened.

I am still thinking about of my priorities (and what do I want to be).  A bit more urgently, you may say since my retirement in January.  It is something I think about daily and wondering if I am making a difference.

The process of life is eliminating the non-essentials for me.  Call it maturation, running out of time, or whatever, I am becoming clearer about what my purposes are.  Maybe I will figure it out before life is over.  At least I am more clear than before.

Ran 6 miles easy (9:00 to 9:45).

What about you?  Do you know your life’s purpose?

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