Day 4 Week 18 – 6 miles “easy”

The “easy” in the title refers to my running pace and not to imply it is easy to run 6 miles. The easy thing to do would have been staying in bed and catching up on my beauty sleep.

This morning’s run is however quite smooth.  I will not say that I was on autopilot mode, but the run was low stress and enjoyable.   Malcolm Gladwell talks about taking at least 10,000 hours of practice to be good at anything in his book, Outliers.  I can relate to his point.

Everything about this morning’s run is familiar to me.  Not necessarily easy but definitely no surprises.  The route is around my neighborhood.  Pretty much the same people on the route, and the same traffic patterns while I am running.  I executed my strides as I would in a marathon (180 steps or so per minute) and paid attention to my breathing like I have done for many many weeks now.

The Law of Average says that there will be days when my run will not be so easy.  The weather may not cooperate, my legs hurt, and everybody hates me, etc.  That is okay.  I will take the easy days and the hard days just the same.  Because I am a runner.

How is your run today?

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