Day 6 Week 18 – Long Run Musing

On the trail, leaves have already fallen. They unmistakably signifies the change of the seasons and Mother Nature busy doing her parts. So often, we let the time escapes from us and ask where have the time gone. It has gone with every step.

Love this time of the year.  With tapering, I am more free to appreciate the beauty of the C&O Canal National Park, particularly now.  I notice more visitors are on the trail today, trying to catch a glimpse of the Mother Nature’s touch.

In essence, I am done with the Wineglass marathon training.  The next few weeks, the tapering, is transitioning from training to race preparedness. My mileages are coming down.  Today’s 12 miles.  Next Saturday 8 miles. I am so grateful in that the marathon training has been part of my daily purposes.

It has not only allowed me to be in the best physical shape I can be this year but also provided a grounding reference for my daily life; a sense of purpose; a practical action plan to invest my energy.  I can ask no better project than this.

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