Day 1 Week 19 – Taper Tempo & Pacing

Even though today’s schedule has me doing tempo at 8:20 pace (2 mile warm up, 5 miles at 8:20 pace, 2 mile cool down), I wanted to practice the 8:00 pace, my ideal race pace. Additionally, I wanted to polish my pacing at that speed.

For the 5 miles tempo, my times were:  8:16, 8:18, 7:35, 7:58, 7:24.  My pace for the first two miles were fairly consistent, only two seconds apart. Since I wanted to shoot for 8:00 pace, I sped up (too much) on the third mile.  I re-calibrated myself to run close to my ideal race pace on the fourth mile, but somehow I sped up on the last tempo mile.

The morning air was cool and low humidity.  A little drizzle at one point.  It reminded me the autumn feeling and how cold the Wineglass marathon morning was last year. Something I would need to prepare for this time around.

While I start to think and prepare for the other aspects of the Wineglass marathon, I still need to hone my pacing.  It is getting close but still need a little more tweaking.  Looks like it is going to be down to the wire.

Hope your week goes as planned. And if you happen to see the Pope here in Washington DC, please give him my regards.

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