Day 2 Week 19 – “Easy” Life?

Life is easy? life is hard? Nay.  life is life.

Today’s 4 miles easy (pace) may by easy by comparison to the harder workouts in the past weeks. But who is comparing? And why the comparison? After all I am in week 19 taper.  I am here because of the hard work came before it. In a way, it is the fruit of my labor.

Judging or evaluating detracts one from living the present.  Because we are comparing the present moment with the past where we have been or the future where we want to go. Either case we miss out the opportunity to fully appreciate and live our present moment.  Like who we are, what we have, and how satisfying life can be.

Not condemning the behavior of judging or evaluating.  They have their places. We compare for progress, assessment, or other practical reasons. Only if one dwells or wallows in those acts, one stands to miss the now.

In my younger days, I always looked for more.  More efficiency, more time, more money, more, more, and more.  Now I realize that more is not necessarily better.  Often you get more problems as well.  And interestingly enough, you get more by being fully present.

So how is your life?

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