Day 3 Week 19 – September Equinox

I have been getting up to darker and darker mornings of late.  Feel like the sun is getting lazy on me when I headed out for my morning runs.  I actually had to wait for the daylight so I would less likely get run over by vehicles.

Given today is the equinox (i.e. equal day and night), September equinox to be precise, all that is going to change. The mornings will revert back to brighter and brighter starting tomorrow.  How about  that!

Besides the September equinox, today is also known as the Autumn equinox if you are in the Northern Hemisphere like myself; or Spring (vernal) equinox if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. So it goes to reason, my weather is going to get cooler while theirs warmer. In other words, the Old man Winter is on the move.

I used to have a hard time wrap my head around the thought that people would celebrate Christmas (assuming they do) in shorts.  What happen to the Rudolph the reindeer?  How about the snow? You can tell that yours truly have yet to cross the equator and don’t really have a good handle on this.

In spite of today’s celestial significance, I ran 4 miles easy (9:00 – 9:45) w/4/20 sec strides.

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