Day 5 Week 19 – Off/Rest/Yoga Day

Since  it’s my off day and no running, I decide to go to a yoga class (intermediate flow) instead. Call it a cross training if so desired.

I like yoga for it exercises both my mental and physical dimensions. Kinda like meditation and exercise combined in one. Here are a couple of take-aways from the class:

  • like the “is the body talking to you?  what is it saying? and “is the mind talking to you? what is it saying?” instructions
  • staying in the moment in spite of the discomfort, as yoga would say meditating on the pain is challenging
  • as a runner, my muscles are not toned systemically.  Even my legs, they are trained to run long distance but not necessarily toned overall
  • the whole body feels relaxed after the yoga class, so it was a good class like a good run

Do you cross train?  what do you do?

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