Post Marathon Recovery

Transition from marathon training to the race is known as tapering.  Lots of articles and sources cover that topic.  Now that I am finished with the Wineglass Marathon, time to transition from the marathon back to the life after.  It’s post marathon recovery.

No doubt, the marathon distance of 26.2 miles takes a lot out of the runners bodies. Not just energy exerted or fatigue accumulated.  There are actual damages and deterioration that occurs due to the rigorous physical demand.

An article by the provides scientific evidences of “the immune system is compromised up to three days post marathon” and “the body needs at least 7-10 days of rest post marathon to fully recover from the cellular damage caused during the race.”

Suffice to say that post marathon recovery is not out-of-sight and out-of-mind, just don’t run type of deal if you are looking for a long term benefits from running a marathon. Bottomline is one should pay as much attention to the post marathon recovery as the tapering.

We run for our health!

Note – the same RunnersConnect article mentioned above offers a post marathon recovery plan that is free to download.  It involves a three week schedule with daily activities through cross trainings.

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