Running For My Health

Now, ten days after my Wineglass Marathon, I like this feeling of being “fit,” running fit at least.

My weight is down and waist slim. I move about without getting huffy and puffy.  Feeling like myself ten years before. Generally a good feeling.  And you guessed it, I like to keep feeling this way.

Until deciding on my next race which probably will not be until next Spring, I will train to be fit. This means cross training more of my non-running body parts (ie. upper body) including my flexibility and core.

Of course, as my post title suggests, I will still run. But I will focus my run more on the specifics, whether it is to develop aerobic threshold during the long runs or speed work to improve Vo2Max.

Instead of calling it as a year round running program, I will think of it as a fitness program. More fun and less boring this way.

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