Why Running with Buddha?

Yes, indeed.  “Running With Buddha” became a real blog in July 2011.  After all these time, I decided to explain the whys: why the blog, why the name, or why I even run.

“Everyone should know where they are running to and from and why.”

Can’t remember where I saw this quote. But it rings true with me. We must have purpose in life.  Everyday you see people running. Running to work, running to catch bus, running to store before closing, running, running, running  . . .    But just how many people takes the time to think about where they are running to? where they are running from? and WHY?

Take me for instance.  I run everyday or just about everyday during the 20 week marathon training season.  Yes, I am training for marathons. And my goal is to re-qualify and return to the Boston Marathon, the mecca for marathoners from world over. I ran it in 2008 and would like to re-live that experience one more time.

But just as important, if not more, I am running for my health. This is why I run even during my off season, albeit less intense.

My motivation for running started with a negative.  One day on my way out of the office, I noticed my hands were trembling from the accumulation of the day’s stresses.  It was a wake up moment.

I said to myself this is ridiculous.  My children were young, and I wanted to be around when they grow up.  That was when I started running as my exercise to get in shape.  It has been over fourteen years since.  And I never regretted my decision.

Invariably during my runs, especially on those long and tedious runs, I discover inspirations from my adrenaline pumped body, environment, or running partners. These inspirations are what I called my Buddha moments. I suppose I could have called them the Eureka moments. But since most of these inspirations are of a spiritual nature, the Buddha won.

In summary, this blog is a training journal that captures my running as well as Buddha moments.

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1 Response to Why Running with Buddha?

  1. Nice to read how your blog began. And I love the term Buddha moments…I get those too while running.

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