An Inconvenient Truth

While visiting the Grand Canyon, I discovered an inconvenient truth: I am a victim of modern technology.

You see, the Grand Canyon, true to its name, is grand.  It stretches 227 miles long and a mile deep.  This makes the internet and cell phone connectivities spotty, slow, or non-existent at places.  

The grandeur of this nature wonder made me humble and at the same time realized how much I have succumbed to the convenience of technologies.  “Just ask Goolge,” has become my go to phrase.  Rest assured, there is nothing Google could not find.  That is until I got to the Grand Canyon.  

Weather on the canyon rims could be temperamental.  Thunderstorms happened at a drop of the hat.  Temperature changed from hot or cold in a matter of minutes.  And I had no clue of what to expect.  A far cry from being able to Google the weather condition and the forecast anywhere in the world if I had my technological connections.

Why plan ahead when you can have the information at your finger tips? where to go? eat? get gas? what to do? The choices were readily available if I had my technological connections.  But without them, like what I experience at the Grand Canyon, I must not only THINK but think ahead.

What a novel concept?

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