Week In Review – 25 Oct 2015 (Long Term Training Cycle)

30,000 runners participated in the 40th Marine Corps Marathon today.  The shear number of runners alone was five times 0f the size of the Wineglass Marathon three weeks ago.  The logistics of such a major race often added degree of challenges to the runners and organizer alike.

Nevertheless, the race, also known as the people’s marathon, has tremendous popularity and support.  I have run the Marine Corps Marathon several times and certainly applaud the military personnel volunteers for their efforts in making the race a classic in the nation’s capital.

This week is my third week of Post Wineglass Marathon Recovery.  Ran 12 miles on Friday, my only run of the week, and it was a bit tiresome for my legs.  Luckily, I also had a yoga class as cross training which has the added benefit of stretching out my tight leg muscles.

Speaking of cross training, here is a RunnersConnect article on an holistic approach to long term training that I will consider for incorporating “off season” opportunities to optimize my running.  For example, in the near term,

  • November/December – Recovery and build back into a good, general level of fitness. Include strength work, strides and hill sprints to stay healthy and to touch on speed.

Stay tune for more details.

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