Balance of self and others

The saying that no person is an island describes the nature of our human existence.  We are all part of a bigger whole.  Whether that is a family, organization, culture, or whatnot.

And as part of the group, we learn to adapt to its rules and norms and adjust our own thoughts and behaviors to fit in.  No surprises here.  We do it in school, at work, etc. The tricky part comes however when we are faced with a choice. How much do we adapt?

If a conformist and a loner can be used as bookends of that scale, where do we stand?  How much of self are you willing to fight to keep your identity versus to sacrifice to fit in?

The answer is not an easy one.  From a practical point of view, most folks migrate to where the jobs are.  If that job happens to be politician, you have to care a lot more about what others are saying and expecting.  After all, an elected official has public responsibilities that most of us are spared from that concern.

Regardless being a politician or otherwise, we all must face the person in the mirror each day and come to terms with what is our story.  Taking the path of the least resistance, unfortunately, is not recommended.

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