Sentimental Moment

As the Wineglass Marathon four weeks ago fastly becoming a distant memory, I went out, tested my legs, and ran six miles (2 warm up, 2 race pace, and 2 cool down). The race pace felt fresh.

The Wineglass was my 18th marathon and 2nd qualifying race for the Boston marathon (my first BQ was in 2007).   Needless to say lots of meanings went behind that event in October.  Not just the distance and time I invested during the 20 weeks of marathon training but all other seasons prior.

It is not my nature to be sentimental.  I prefer looking forward.  Being nostalgic generally is not productive for me.  I would spent hours and get nothing done.  Like when I clean out my study where all my memorabilia lie.

But I must admit that we are all cumulation of our past and sum of our decisions.  Without history and memory, we would not be who who we are today let alone moving forward.  So savor the moment but not dwell in it.  There are plenty of good life ahead.

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2 Responses to Sentimental Moment

  1. Katie says:

    Life is like a Camera

    Savor the moment
    Focus on the positive
    Develop from the negative
    When things don’t work out, take another shot!


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