Failure To Act

Ninety-seven percent of all patents never make any money. Yes, 97% of the new ideas never become real products according to the article of the same title at

And the cause is this: failure to act.  Apparently the majority of the inventors failed to find out how to make their products or how much it would cost to make their products.  And their ideas stop there.

Doubtful if that is what the inventors want, just to have a piece of paper on their walls enshrining their ideas.

Their inventions have new purposes/ utilities.  And the patents are only supposed to protect their intellectual properties (i.e. the inventions) for a limited period. If they fail to take advantage of this time to market, their ideas become missed opportunities.

And apparently lot of new ideas (97%) died without being acted on.

Dead in the water.  What a shame!

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2 Responses to Failure To Act

  1. Take the idea to the patent office and pitch it to shark tank. Lol


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