“Keep In Touch”

We hear that phrase a lot and may have used it ourselves.  The reality is  that “keep in  touch” is easier said than done (at least for me).

All the networking advises emphasize this: keeping in touch to develop one’s network.  It is like making deposits into a relationship.  Don’t ask only when you need help. Etc . . .  I get it.

In the olden days, it was rollerdex of business cards.  I collected business cards religiously at conferences, business meetings, networking events.  There were books on how to manage these business cards. Establish a call list and a call schedule, etc . . .  I don’t know about you, but it was difficult for me to keep that up.

Now with internet and social media, it has become more challenging.  Sure, I can post an update online, and everyone can see it.  Does that really count as keeping in touch?  I suppose on a very superficial level.  At a minimum, I am saying that I am still alive.

Cultivating relationships requires investment of time, energy, and common interest.  Being an introvert, all these mean work. Because I am perfectly happy by myself.  What to say to keep in touch without coming across as being disingenuous?

Understand quality is more important in relationship than quantity.  Naturally, I have to prioritize my contacts and allocate my energy accordingly.  Family comes first.  Business associates and friends come second.  Followed by online communities . . .

How do you keep in touch?  Got any tips? I would love to hear.

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