On Being Practical

Personal responsibility has two levels: the ideal self of what you want to be when you grow up level, and the practical self of how you plan to get there.  Both levels are important. Just the practical level gets no limelight.

Prevailing self development model is to going after one’s dream or passion.  Figuring out where your passion lies and go after it. They say that is how you can be “successful.”  I believe however one needs to plant his/her feet in reality and take care the the practical level as well.

Because the practical side of living includes things like bills to pay, mouth to feed (even it is just you own).  Case in point – aspiring actors waiting on table and hoping one day their break will come. Being practical should not be viewed as surrogate or inferior to pursuing one’s dream.  It is, in my opinion, equal if not more important of the two levels.

Further, being practical means be useful.  There are dignities in taking care of the practical side of things. Without my parents feeding me, clothing me, and putting a roof over my head, I would not be where I am.  And I will to do the same for my family regardless if I reach my dream or not.


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