Winds Beneath My Wings

The wind hollers outside of my windows.  It has been going strong all day.  Not sure when it started last night.  But I am reminded that winter is advancing near.

In spite of the wind, I ran 6 miles this morning.  Wearing my windbreaker, I could feel the wind pushing against my torso like a sail in the current.  Adding resistance to my workout.  On the return leg, the wind was on my back and lifting me from time to time.

I said to myself, time to get the winter running gears ready.  Got to make sure I have the mittens, hat, long pants, etc. all the essentials.  So I will be ready for this changing of the season.  As a runner, I don’t mind the changing weather provided I prepare myself for the element.

Technology plays a part as well.  One of most frequent and trusted websites for me is  It gives instant reading of the temperature, weather condition, and forecast for the location of my choice.  I consult with it numerous times a day. Whenever and wherever.

Are you ready for the changing weather?  Anything you do differently?

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