A Day in Infamy

It is a sad day.

What happened in Paris last night is an atrocity: 129 people dead and almost three times as many injured by terrorists.  These innocent civilians were attacked and murdered by 8 militant terrorists with assault rifles, grenades, and bombs.  These attacks occurred in a concert hall with sold out crowd, near a soccer stadium, and restaurants in the tourist section of Paris.

It not only shocked Paris, France but also rest of the world.  The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terror attacks.  As the rest of us attempting to comprehend the what and how it happened, heightened emotions are understable.  The extend of the coordinated attacks and its scope are still yet to be fully determined.  Pandemonium is not what we need.

While the government of France and allies around the world deal with the prosecution of this terrorist act and prevention of future ones, we must keep in mind that the terrorists’ goal is to rob us of our freedom.  Namely, our freedom from fear.  An eye for an eye may be visceral but can not be the response.

We must not allow the terrorists to win.  Not allow the terrorist act to strike fear into our hearts or hatred into our collective conscious.  Civilization has taught us that law and order must prevail.  Otherwise, we lose.

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