Our Potential

At birth, our lives were like a blank canvas. Unlimited potential.  We could achieve anything. The sky was the limit.

Somewhere along the way, brakes got put on our potential.  Case in point:

It seems that no other species on earth, plants or animals, will settle for less than their maximum potential, only human beings.  As Jim Rohn would say, “you will never see a tree grow half as high as it could.”  Trees don’t grow half, they grow max.

Source: theseeds4life.com

Instead of asking the question why, a more useful question is how.  How can we reach our potential?  Below are what I recommend:

First, believe it.  Believe in yourself that not only you have the potential but you can reach it.  This unyielding faith in yourself serves as the motive and energy source to keep you going.  Particularly when the going gets tough.

Second, work hard.  Put every muscle and effort into this worthy cause. You are the driver of your life’s destiny.  Not your parents, teachers, nor bosses.  Nobody but you are responsible.  If you don’t, no one else would.

Third,  be ready. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice.  When it knocks, you have to be ready.  Seize every opportunity you can to advance closer to reaching your potential.  Even you miss one (or two), be prepared for the next turn.

If you believe in yourself, work hard, and stand ready when the opportunity arises, you possess better chance to grow max, not half.



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