Cold Weather Running Gear Tips

This morning it was 30 degrees (fahrenheit) when I started running.  By the time I finished my 10 mile run, it was 44 degrees.

According to the layering is the key in cold weather running. It allows the runners to regulate the temperature and stay warm.

To prepare for today’s run, below are what I had:

  • a knit hat that I pulled down to cover my ears at the start
  • a pair of gloves and liners; double layers because my fingers would freeze in cold weather like this
  • a lightweight wind breaker to cut down the headwind
  • a long sleeve wicking shirt underneath the wind breaker; it provides the insulation and keeps me dry
  • a long pants

The only exposed body surface was my face which I applied skin cream to protect it against the element.

All these preparations paid off.  This morning was cold when I started. Instead of the usual 2 miles, it took me more like 5 miles (or until the temperature started to climb) to warm up.

As my body got toasty, I gradually removed my hat, gloves to keep myself from overheating.  Wet gears from sweat would add  to the chill factor.  Additionally, I was able to adjust the zipper opening on my wind breaker to regulate my body temperature.

A good run, overall because I had the right gears to go along.

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