Week In Review – 22 Nov 2015

Total 26 miles this week.  It is becoming a routine that I am comfortable with for my post Wineglass marathon transition.

The mileage is not exhausting but enough to make my legs feel they have been put to work. And the workout spread nicely: 6 miles (including speedwork) on Mondays, 4 miles (with striders) on Wednesday, 6 easy miles on Fridays, followed by 10 miles long run on Saturdays.

This way, I cover both the distance with the Friday-Saturday back-to-back runs and the intensity with speedwork.  When I am not running, I practice yoga to stretch out my legs.  So not to lose my flexibility and maintain balance.

Also this week, I had opportunities to reflect about personality preferences and potential. Personally, I like growth even at this stage of my life. It’s my motive and purpose that keeps me going and my relationship with others.

Son #2 came home on Friday from school for his Thanksgiving break.  This reminded me that the holiday is only four days away.  Like clockwork, the temperature plunged this week.  Mother Nature never miss a beat.

Have a great week!





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