Week In Review 29 Nov 2015

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End of November.  One more day left in the month.

Washington DC got a shot of warmth for Thanksgiving this week. Needless to say, I did my 26 miles this week (6 on Mon, 4 on Wed, 6 Fri, and 10 Sat) taking advantage of the unusual warm weather.

To balance out the caloric scale, I did my share of overindulgence at the Thanksgiving dinner table.  Not really intending to pig out, but there were just that much foods.  I would be impolite to consume only little.

Also at the Thanksgiving gathering, one relative asked me what interesting things have I been doing since my retirement (in January).  To which I replied “everything.”

Everything I do is interesting, particularly since my retirement.  I take a nap when tired. Eat when hungry. I enjoy the freedom and appreciate having the full control of my life. Naturally, I set my priorities and invest selectively in areas I am interested in.

Have a great week.

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