Weather Makes the Person?

Outside of the window is a gloomy and dreary picture.  It is wet.  Not a downpour but light drizzle kind that makes one feel the dampness (and the chill) from the inside.

On days like this, I think of the ground hog who sleeps through winter.   Just curl up in bed, stay warm, and not worry about a thing on the outside world.  Only if it can be that easy.

The weather affects us.  No question.  It alters our mood, changes our routine, and impacts our food source like crop yields.  When it’s a beautiful day, we feel happy and high spirited. It is going to be a productive day, we say to ourselves. The opposite is also true.  We feel lethargic and down like the ground hog when the mother nature is not so cheery.

But the weather does not make us.  Oh no.  Absolutely not.  We manage to get what needs to be done in spite of the weather. Collectively we are resilient and resourceful.  We invent tools.  We develop technologies.  We use innovation to help us not only survive but thrive.

So even though I envy the ground hogs on days like today, I am happy to be me.  Happy to have things that will sustain me through the elements and still be productive.

Do you feel better when the weather is good?  What do you do to cope with the undesirable weathers?

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