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Goodbye 2015

So Long, It Has Been Fun !

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2015 – Year In Review

2015 started with a bang – my retirement after 32+ years of working. I retired on 3 Jan. Given that work had been a big chunk of my adult life, this was a life-change milestone.  I transcended from being a working … Continue reading

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What Is The Temperature Outside?

  Smartphone has changed my life.  From the moment I wake up to my retiring to bed at night, it is right there as my personal digital assistant. Before rolling out of the bed in the morning, I ask my … Continue reading

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What’s The Rush?

Hold on.  Is that the sucking sound of people rushing out of the door for 2016? The new year is still four days away, but there are no shortage of people already abandoning 2015 and jumping on the 2016 bandwagon. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 27 Dec 2015

This week ushered in the warmest Christmas in 15 years.  Instead of snow, we got rain. Unlike the holidays in the past, this one seems less overwrought.  It has a quality over quantity feel.  Still got lots of food and … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For The Christmas Break?

There you have it.  Christmas is behind us.  Finished.  A few post Christmas sales linger on.  But by and large 2015  Christmas is in the history book. Around Washington D.C., the Congress is in recess until the next year.  So … Continue reading

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Christmas Day 2015

  I am worried. This morning when I stepped out for my run, it was warm. The temperature was in the 60s. The warmest Christmas for Washington DC in 15 years. My thought immediately went to Global Warming, glazier melting, … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Body is awake, Christmas is near. Friends and family, laughter and cheers. Memories to share, hugs and kisses. Wonder of love, sharing, and peace. Spread the hope and the blessing. Magic of the season is in giving. All parts of … Continue reading

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I Am Not Losing My Mind

My mind is losing me.  In fact, might as well lump my emotion in there also. You see, I used to believe that our mind is supreme.  That, our independent thinking and feeling can lead us to self determination.  We … Continue reading

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Psychological Time?

Psychological time, according to the Psychology Dictionary,  is our subjective experience of  time.  Unlike clock time, the psychological time is governed by our brain.  Our sense of the time passage can be influenced by our brain’s interpretation of what’s going on … Continue reading

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