Suffering Is Necessary?

“14 dead in San Bernandino shooting” the headline blares.  On the tails of Beirut and Paris, headlines like this seems to be more and more common of late.  What is happening?  All seems senseless!

Feeling of anger is natural, after all we are humans. Denying it does not make the feeling go way, only makes it worse. On the other hand, embracing and facing our emotions head on offers an opportunity for understanding and growth.

How to let out our anger could make a world of differences.  Violence maybe a consequence of our anger, however, it can never be the solution.  If anything, violence only stirs up more anger and possible cycles of negative consequences.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

We know that violence does not end violence.  It is a lose-lose proposition.   And as a result, the pain and suffering perpetuate, unless we decide to change though understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.

So it just may be that suffering IS necessary. It wakes us up to the reality that the world we live in is not perfect. It never was and never will be. From the bowels of our stomach and our souls, the pain and suffering wake us up to our senses.  And only then perhaps salvation.



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