The Right Thing To Do?

Easily I can go through my days without much worry. I know what to do.  Even if I don’t, I manage to figure it out quickly.   Most of the time.  It is when I catch myself asking the question, what is the right thing to do, consternation sets in.

The first time when it happened is when I realized that I was THE adult in the room and the “lucky” one to answer the question.  All of a sudden, the situation is no longer straight forward.  Too many considerations to weigh through.

Over time I learn to trust my gut feel.  There are situations where the right thing is against conventional wisdom, not popular, or not obvious.  Never feel more alone.  That is when I rely on faith and trust my gut.

I notice that children seems to be immune from this dilemma.  They do things because they feel naturally right. They will eat or play until they drop. Not a worry in the sky. No too many choices or consequences.

Welcome to adulthood.  At times, I wish there are no need to choose.  Just do it.  Like the child I once was.

What is the right thing to do for you?  How do you know?

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