Countdown To Christmas

December is half way over and Christmas is 10 days away.  It is time to start my countdown.  Because for me things always get piled up during this time.  Like a mad dash toward the finish, the year would be over before I realize it.

So to stave off this madness, Christmas (Kwanzaa or others take your pick) is a good target to remind myself.  That, time is running out, and I need to get my act together before the new year sneaks up on me.

Let’s see, in addition to the normal bills and chores, the holiday season lays on the seasonal greeting cards (whether sending, receiving, or both), gifts, and people (especially if you have out of town guests).  And if you were like me, nothing is ready.

While we are at it, might as well throw the year-end loose ends into the mix as well. By loose ends, I mean stuffs like inventory my household goods, cleaning out junks, updating contact list, etc.

Maybe it’s my upbringing, but typically I get this urge around this time to behave like a chicken with its head cut off.  I look for things, anything time allows, to get ready for the new year.

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What is your year end plan?  Vacation? None? Just want to get it over with? 

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