Too Much Politics?

Next year (2016) is a presidential election year here in the United States.  Media coverage of the campaigns is a constant reminder that the democratic process is transpiring.

For some, it may feel that, enough already.  As we get closer to the election, the airwaves will be saturated with the media coverage.  In my opinion, these “noises” is a small prize to pay in exchange for the benefits of public discourse on the country’s future directions.

Even with all those unsolicited phone calls, mailers, and campaign advertisements vying for our attention (and votes), it is still an acceptable trade-off.  How else could we publicly debate deep personal issues such as racism, jobs, security, etc. without resorting to less civil means?

These issues are not only personal but critical, if left unaddressed. The election process is cathartic. It allows exercising our freedom of expression.  Channeling our emotions into actions. Supporting the candidates that most represent our values, beliefs, and preferences.

It may seem unbearable at times when the heat gets hot, emotion runs high, and civility gets left at the curbside.  But I still prefer to have the opportunity and the option to participate.  It is our chance to achieve a win-win outcome.

Fair is fair. After the election we can then move on, until the next election cycle.

How do you participate in Politics? Or not? Is it a four letter word to you?

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One Response to Too Much Politics?

  1. terryshen says:

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    Back in December of last year, I posted my wish on how the presidential nomination would work. Two months later . . .


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