Knowing And Doing

Knowing and doing are two constructs that may be more related than you think.


Knowing is preferred before doing.  Knowledge is information which will guide us in determining the proper course of action, as in doing.  This is called an “informed” action and ideal scenario for problem solving. Certainly we don’t want to solve the wrong problem.

Doing without knowing is either courageous or ignorant. Without the benefit of knowledge or information, one is flying blind.  It may be necessary due to circumstantial constraints or timing pressure. In those unfortunate cases, the doing would be based on one’s faith, conviction, or ignorance.

Knowing without doing is by far way too common.  Knowledge does not transform into action by itself.  People by their nature are reluctant to act.  Because it is impossible to have all the information even in the information age. Most would apply the brake or push the stop button given the fear of unknown or risks. This is why leaders are few.

Knowing plus doing equals wisdom.  By applying what you know, however little or much, you can learn from your success or mistake.  Either way, you would be smarter than you started.  This is how we mature in life, improve in technology, and develop in science.

Do you have a knowing-doing gap? If so, how do you overcome it?

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One Response to Knowing And Doing

  1. Love this passage! Thought provoking.


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