Week In Review – 20 Dec 2015

Christmas is only five days away. And I finally got the Christmas Tree up today.  No comment here.  I do have a few observations that are neither good nor bad but just thought I would share.

I noticed many “reactive” habits of mine this week: 1. writing greeting cards (I reply more than send), 2. weekly planning (I follow routines more than initiate new ones), 3. decisions ( I don’t make them unless I have to).  Just to name a few.

This week I ran 20 miles (6 on Monday, 4 on Wed, 6 Fri, and 4 Sat). Weather is getting colder but according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), 2015 is the warmest year on record. So glad that the Paris accord on Climate Change is ratified.

Two other points from my Saturday chat with my fellow SRC runner friends:

  • Written record or human record is relatively short comparing to the cosmos. What we consider as norm or permanent could just be a cycle or blip on the grand scale. Better to keep things in perspective and not be dissuaded by fads or passed-on advises
  • No one will take more interest in my health than me.  Don’t want to count on my doctor, because the limited visits/ time I spend with her.  Instead, I need to track my own health metrics like trends in my blood pressure; cholesterol; metabolic panels; blood sugar; height and weight

That’s all for this week.  Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!





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