I Am Not Losing My Mind

My mind is losing me.  In fact, might as well lump my emotion in there also.

You see, I used to believe that our mind is supreme.  That, our independent thinking and feeling can lead us to self determination.  We can control of our world and our future. That is until I realized how elusive our mind and emotions are.

Our thinking and feeling are subjective.  Both can be influenced and altered easier than you think.  Case in point – magicians make their living by tricking our mind into thinking one way and surprising us with a different outcome, right in front of our naked eyes.

We know the magician’s tricks are not real. But knowingly or unknowingly, our mind and emotions become accomplice to the act.  And we fall for the trick.  The magicians is not alone.  Pickpockets do this.  So do con artists.  They prey on our vulnerabilities – our over confidence.

Don’t get me wrong. Our mind and emotions are integral parts of our daily life. We need them for our day to day functions. So, I am not suggesting that we abandon them. Instead, a healthy dose of skepticism toward our thoughts and moods can go a long way.

Things are not always what they seem or appear to us.  While our reality is based on our mind and emotions, we need to be able to look at our own thoughts and feelings critically.  Only then, we have a path to self determination.

What do you think about our elusive mind and emotions? 

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3 Responses to I Am Not Losing My Mind

  1. I think you should follow my blog. My goal is to target topics like the blog you just wrote. I love it, by the way.


  2. I think we obtain MUCH more power than we realize!!
    Check out my YouTube channel I posted in another comment:-) I love getting real like this.


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