Week In Review – 27 Dec 2015

This week ushered in the warmest Christmas in 15 years.  Instead of snow, we got rain.

Unlike the holidays in the past, this one seems less overwrought.  It has a quality over quantity feel.  Still got lots of food and gifts but more the Christmas Spirit and less the running around, harried, and psychological time.

Sons are home from college.  Got to re-live what used to be our family standards but more nostalgic of late.  Christmas tree,  family dinner, just spending time together again.  Like good food, it tastes better when shared.  Same as family traditions.

Coming week has the dance of the two years.  Feel prepared for this transition.  No need to do more planning nor reflection, just the present moment.  Many things are beyond my concerns or control.  Rather tend to things within my sphere of influence, noticing what is important now.

Speaking of such, I ran 25 miles this week (6 on Monday, 4 Wednesday, 6 Friday, and 9 Saturday).  Also doubled down on yoga as I realized running tend to work my glutes. Definitely need to exercise my hips  to open them up.  Visited the doctor and everything looks good.  You are doing something right, keep it up, she said.

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