What’s The Rush?

Hold on.  Is that the sucking sound of people rushing out of the door for 2016?

The new year is still four days away, but there are no shortage of people already abandoning 2015 and jumping on the 2016 bandwagon.

Posts on what to do, what to expect, or what will happen in the new year abound on the internet, as if the 2015 is done, or written off already.

Understand people want to look forward to the new year and project themselves into the future.  But the reality is what about now? There are still four days or 96 hours left in 2015.

Might as well settle down and take stock. Are there unfinished business that begs attention? things that have been  but shouldn’t be put off? relationship needs mending? There are still time to do them before they turned into regrets.

Do them now.

Are you in a rush to get to the new year?  Why?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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